Dear You

Dear You is a collection of love letters written by a character named Amorette to a man with whom she has fallen deeply in love with. She is unable to communicate what she feels towards him, because their relationship was simply complicated. It was never supposed to go past a sexual partnership, since they both have been broken by prior heartbreaks, but she ended up falling in love despite their arrangement. On days when she needs to release her thoughts and feelings, she writes them into a journal, and night after night she composes unsent letters to him. Afraid that one day someone will discover the identity of her love, she always keeps the events and people discussed in Dear You anonymous. Her letters tell the story of a woman too scared to commit to someone, while falling in love for the very first time.

From Mia Brissa:

Dear You is the story of myfirst time falling in love, and while almost all the events described happened, there are some that are my fantasies. I fell deeply in love at a time when I was drowning in various kinds of pain. We had nothing and everything all at the very same time. At one point in time, he was my everything.

The story, from my point of view at least, is a beautiful one, and that is the main reason why I want to share it with the world. I hope these letters inspire you with love and hope and remind you that love is beautiful because of how little makes sense when you are in love. May you cry, smile, and love a little deeper at the end of each post. I hope these letters show you what unconditional love looks like from an outsider’s perspective, and just how much love can hurt sometimes. Most of all, may you tell your one true love all the things I wasn’t able to tell mine.

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The Contract                                                                January 12th, 2011