You Have Found My Heart

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My dearest reader,

You have found the small void in this universe, where I keep the treasured pieces of myself. All my deepest thoughts, feelings, and heartache, you’ll find them here. Something able being about to write without any boundaries or limitations, gives me the courage to let you into my world. I hope this site does nothing but inspires you.

I originally created this site in efforts to self heal myself. In late 2014, my life seemed to just be a disaster. Everything was going wrong, and I started to lose hope; that things were going to get better. To top things off, I was going through my first real heart break.So, after experiencing nothing but dark and gloomy days, I decided to devote myself to a writing project. Telling the story of my first true love experience in form of love letters. These love letter for the most part come from my journal, or an fantasy that I kept lock away in my head. I would call this writing series, Dear You.

Once I become deeper and deeper involved in writing Dear You, I started to feel the warmth of the sun shine again. Crawling out my own black hole, I started to see the hope of life. Writing gave me the courage to tell a beautiful story, without having to hide any elements. It also allowed me to preserve my story forever. I am not too sure if its a good or bad thing, but I will never let myself forget that love story. No matter how scrabbled my feelings are when it comes to him, I am always be able to re-experience my precious memories of us, because of my letters. Of course to make the story interesting, I also added parts that I only wished had happened. In the end, the story is something beautiful. It is one of my best art projects, I am proud to call it my own.

Throughout these projects, I  have found myself. It gave me a better understand of who I want to be, when I get older. With a clear view, I know what I want for my future. With ambition running through my veins; I wont stop until I have achieved my goals. I am more inspired to reach for the stars, and to consistently evolve into something better. Most important, I am able to be myself, without needed to create a façade to hide behind.

I want to share with you all of my passions, and all the things that keep my heart healthy and happy. May they bring enjoyment into your life, and may it spark something deep inside of you.

To the moon and back,





26 thoughts on “You Have Found My Heart

  1. This is the BEST thing i ever ever read. I admire your courage and your genuine self. Thank you, for making me share a piece of you, i kind of find myself in your words too. I cannot wait to recommend u to a friend of mine, who needs you and your words and story,,,and cannot wait to explore your world further. Wow, what an introduction:O ❤

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